Thursday, November 15, 2007

Help me out with a question or its kinda a dilemma I have......
as a kid growing up every holiday we would visit family members and go to their house for a dinner and gathering usually lasting all day and I would visit with all my cousins SmileyCentral.comand play and have fun and this would be the best thing EVER in my mind as a kid and i still loo back on those memories.
Well now that I have mine and they are older we never went to family members on Thanksgiving because the boys were to small and it was a hassle and we would have to go to both sides of the family..... so my question is.....SHOULD WE GO TO MY HOUSE AND THAN TO HIS FAMILYS HOUSE AND THAN I HAVE TO GET UP AT 345 FOR WORK THE NEXT DAY OR WOULD IT BE BETTER TO JUST STAY AT HOME AND KEEP THAT HOLIDAY A STRESS FREE ONE??
Just wondering what others think if u can give me feedback I would appreciate it soooooo much of course u can keep it anonymous


Anonymous said...

I think that you should go. Your kids deserve that kind of fun memory just like you had and if you go to both sides thats fine I don't know how much stress that is or what the sitch is but if its for them and they enjoy it than why not? Oh I was wondering where you found the "troublemaker" chips they look cool. Well good luck with the desicion.

mommietofour said...

Thanks for ur input I really dont mind going to anyones house Im off on wed and thursday so i can have food for the family on wed and go to houses on thursday and by the way the chips i designed by