Wednesday, February 6, 2008

GOOD MOrning

Yup thats how i feel hide in a blankie or towel or anything ya got i just wanna hide and be warm all day its CCCCCCOOOLLLDDDDD out there

I tried AGAIN! to lite my oven but to my

utter dismay again it wont start. all i wanted sweet oven was some yummyoh so yummy cinnamon rolls and a cup of coffee is that so much to ask....YOU will start when the kids want dinner oh but no not for me I will disown u oh damn oven i will send u to the junk yard with all the other disobediant ovens bye bye pitifull oven!!!!!
ok enuf with a post about an oven im done i am going to go upstairs to get kids ready for school ugh again more work but hey whatcha gonna do oh i know take a day off but no that doesnt happen for me NEVER oh no NEVER i have to go non stop untill i practically pass out for everyone to think i do enuf and than its still not good enuf so i wonder if i just jumped on a plane and dtook a vacation and let everyone deal with all of the things i deal with can they make it will they succeed or fall oh man they are screaming up there gotta go.