Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Cold Morning
I have vowed to not turn the heat past 67 anymore wanna know why?
Let me tell you that when I got 2 bills for almost a total of 1000$ from Nipsco it was time to feel cold. I cant justify paying that much money for heating and electric its almost ridiculous. I need to figure out a way to start saving money also.
I plan on keeping the heat as low as possible(gotta keep it comfortable with 4 kids).
I will not be eating at the buffet at my work anymore(only $1.80 but my waistline will thank me).
I will not buy soda anymore in mass quantities(waist line).
Coupons with all groceries, and I have a wonderful fruit and veggie market that I will be going to once a week for all my veggies.
I will not be going out to eat all the time also (very guilty).
My main goal is to save due to the fact that I want totake the family on a trip to Disneyworld this year and before my 9 yr old is outta 5th grade I WILL buuy a new house in my pick of a city (not just what is cheap and attainable NO I want the city I want and if I cant move to it than I will work 2 jobs for itLOL.
Ok so I think thats it for now, today is my last day off of work and than back to my job AND I say job cause it will never be my career. Im aiming ofr hopefully attending the police academy soon and just getting out of the boat scene. Im so burnt out of that place I havent had a vacation or scheduled time off for a vacation in 2yrs and I have to cause Im at the point where I dont even want to be at work when Im there.
Ok well on to cleanin!!!!!