Friday, September 25, 2009

We all have deep dark secrets and I’ll confess one of mine if you don’t judge me.

Sometimes I feel superior and smug. Like I’m a GOOD mom and I have my life all sorted out and my children are well behaved. Until the inevitable cosmic smack-down puts me firmly back in my place, reminding me that I am NOT such a good mother and my life is NOT so very in order and my children are DEFINITELY NOT well behaved.

I have a headache one major one that I have had for the last few days.....why must many ask, haven't i taken anything for it? Well I have but it hasn't helped because
I trying to be the good mom had bought the kids some yogurt drinks the ones in the bottles that are supposed to be good for them! Well my son Zack decides he wants to open the package and ZING! Just barely, out of the corner of my eye, I see it… something flying through the air(yup hits my head).Time goes by… enough that I’ve calmed down and told Zack in no uncertain terms what I think about his behavior. Well its over I have to get thru it (adapt, improvise, overcome I swear Ive heard that so many times growing up and now still!
Im done complaining!