Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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In a recent post by Swistle www.swistle.blogspot.com she asked about the topic of spacing children and about if anyone wanted more and the amount of children and so on.....

oh yes I have thought about it after my first and than my second and than I said Ill have one more and KABOOM guess what?
I had twins...I now have two girls and two twin boys and I still get the rudest comments if I go in a store people will say WOW you have a big family I dont know how u do it? or Did u want this many? or can u keep track of all of them or UGH!!! just stop asking questions regarding My kids how I parent and why I have four....I have four because I do and thats it.I have thought about having one more and it hurts to think about it because I would love to but I have to think about my children that are here now and how much attention I can give to them and how much time I can spend with them if I were to have another and I just cant do that to them.
Im just getting back on track and my kids are finally getting to that age where there are no more bottles or diapers and its getting easier.
I do wonder what another baby would do to my life and what he/she would look like(hair color,boy/girl, eyecolor and so on.
But for now in my life Im content with my decisions.

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Swistle said...

I spend time, too, thinking about what "the next one" would be like. I think one reason it's hard to stop having kids is that each one is so different, and such a surprise, and there are so many intersting things to find out.