Friday, April 27, 2007

Good morning today is Friday YEAH!!!! Yesterday was crazy I felt like I was in a dream and couldnt escape ill update later I gotta get my room clean before trouble makers wake up! Oh and Venessa I got pics of Elmo! LOL!!


venessa said...

hey amy well it's 1:02 am and I'm still up because John and I went out and I had 2 sugarfree Redbulls Dumb me.Anyways, got a job interview at Hooters Casino 4 cocktails so John and I went there and I'm telling you that I'm cancelling the interview. All the girls were like 5'5 and under and like not even 100lbs. I'm already 5'9 So screw that I'm not going to embarrass myself.

mommietofour said...

oh Venessa I swear you put urself down way to much, no guy wants a girl thats a skinny nothing they want curves and a a** and BOOBS man!!!! So dont put urself down u would probably rock at that place!!!