Saturday, March 24, 2007


Well I really had a busy two days yesterday I spent grocery shopping cause I had to get things for the weekend and it turned out into an all day adventure which it usually does but no biggie!!!I did make it to discovery to take some clothes back than to Target and Meijer and than Ultra and to the other Target on the other side of town!! WHy you ask to Targets well cause they have a hell of alot of supplies on sale and my boys bday is coming up soon and well Im gonna spoil them and Im just a bad planner so I gotta do this little by little and find everything and make lists and well go just half crazy trying to plan and do all this for two boys who are the most biggest trouble makers but man do they melt your heart so quick!!Today I didnt do much cleaned cooked and watched a few movies with the was nice and all but now is my time Im really into having just time for me after everyone goes to bed I have to or I think any mom out there knows this or you will have to get a big box and mark something like FRAGILE and either ship ur self off or the crazy others in the box to well CHINA!!! anyway ok really I wouldnt but joking people joking dont start writing comments I really do love them flaws and all!!!And damnit I have the most!!!It hurts me so much when I feel I let my kids down or they act a way I think that they shouldnt but I have to get over it quickly because no one is perfect and no kid out there wants a perfect mom or dad! They want someone who is there for them and looking out for them and thats what I try to do!!ON ANOTHER NOTE!!!!Whats wrong with kids not working the way we use to when we were kids!!!!!I remeber practicing for hours and hours gymnastics growing up because iknew if i didnt i wasnt going to do as well and honestly I should have practiced more....Ashley is going into a team which is not t ball anymore and Im really worried for her this is her third year in and for two of them she has played Tball and well with not much practice actually hitting the ball when its thrown at her and these kids arent fooling with you one kid broke his thumb last year and another broke his nose so Im really worried I mean she needs alot of practice before she can even be considered up to their level and well I guess she is going to have to toughen up cause she is my drama queen... but when is to much a bad thing IDK??? Ill just try my hardest to help her out I guess thats all I can do without driving my self nuts.
Katie is joing Tball again this year and she will not be on Jeffs team because he has decided to not coach this year(even though Im a little disappointed) I think it will be good because he has never been able to watch the girls baseball games.
Well Im off to go and organize the kids craft area in the house Im going to take before and after pics cause I have to prove that I actually do it!!(cause I know in less than 24 hrs. they will destroy it again))


venessa said...

I here that it took me three hours to organize Mason's toys and God it felt stressful. It is amazing how much stuff they get for birthdays and Chrismas and little things they collect from Walmart for them just to behave. I screwed up my diet so I have to start all over again tomarrow. IT SUCKS TO BE ON A DIET!!!!

mommietofour said...

heck yeah it does im not losing anything really it really sucks to not have the metabolism of a kid!!