Tuesday, March 20, 2007

(on Saturday Ashley and I decorating for Easter!!)SmileyCentral.com

So its 5:30 in the morning and Im not really tired just trying to get a few mins in to update.

Yesterday was so niice with the kids I have been trying hard lately to just enjoy the moment sooo....I decided to make some cookies with them before dinner and we made oatmeal and homemade chocolate chip cookiesSmileyCentral.com and yummy(think i gained a few) it was good and nice to do that kinda stuff with them and they enjoyed it too.

(Aunie Emily and COLE)
I picked up my sister Emily from work yesterday she works

at KFC and ok I know Im supposed to be on a diet but IDont care that damn chicken out here rocks!!! I ate to much and have more than ehough left over HMMMMMMMM!!! gotta take a jog today work off the food!!

Ashley is still sick coughing all night long I guess she will be staying home AGAIN from school, see and I was supposed to get stuff done today but NO not again thats ok she is my baby girl and so innocent I d take being sick any day to make her feel better.


venessa said...

Hey Amy, Can't wait Till Mason is at the age where I can bake and decorate with him for the hoidays.
I can't believe that is Emily she is all grown up now. The KFC sucks out here so I rarely get to eat it. STAY AWAY FRO THE CHICKEN AND MAC N CHEESE AND SO ON.... Well on my fifth day on my South Beach Diet I have not fallen off the wagon yet. KEYWORD:YET

mommietofour said...

Your funny you have the will power I dont I have way to much junk food in my house!!