Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've got big plans for this  weekend; I plan on cleaning out my office and reorganizing all bins, sample,  files, etc. Here are some tips that help me make the most with my small home office:

•Use bins and stylish storage containers to keep like items together.

•Create floor-to-ceiling storage by adding vertical shelving.

•Chose furniture on rollers or add casters to existing furnishings; this helps furniture become multifunctional and you can roll furniture around to fit your needs.

•Go wireless and as cordless as possible.
•Find furniture that multitasks. If you use the dining room table for a desk, see if you can add space in a nearby buffet for files and a small supply of office supplies.

•Find pretty accessories, filling cabinets, post its, pencils, etc. Your office is still your home so try to decorate it as you would the rest of your house, if you do you'll want to spend more time and be more productive in your work space.

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