Thursday, May 24, 2007
Ok so im gonna update but really havent wanted to muuch lately I guess its cause I have been so busy getting ready for the boys bday party outside and i said outside cause they are predicting RAIN!!!!! oh yeah so i will have to cancel if it does cause there is no way in hell that i will cram 40 adults and kids in a 2 car garage i think u would have to get me sooooo drunk first and that wouldnt even work for me anyway!! So we will see and if it doesnt rain than ill have tons and tons of pics to post but my damn computer is running so slow and i dont know what to do but to reboot it and i dont wanna lose everything so ill have to do some research UGH!!!! anyway i have alot of cleaning today and than a picnic in the park for my boys so ill also post some pics of that well Im off to go bust ass!!!

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