Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I have all the pics from the party I haven't taken many I have been way to busy to update and that's OK I am used to keeping busy!! Ashley has a baseball game tomorrow and Katie has one on Saturday so I think just having those scheduled is enough but of course not I have so much more to do. We really need to make it out to the zoo this year and quick cause I really wanted to get the membership at Brookfield(Zack love the dolphins) well Ill try next weekend and I really gotta get over to my cousin Keith's house and see it once and for all!!
Today was a hard day and yet a very uplifting all started when I got this (please would someone smack the sense into me idea of getting a job) well I applied for a job on Monday and of course Tuesday morning I was called and within an hour was asked to come for my first interview which I did so he tells me to come back this morning for my second interview which I did but I had to find a babysitter for the boys and take the girls off to school first which I did...Well my mom works nights so I had to wake her up take her the boys which she already had a headache from work and drop them off! Got to work and had my second interview and also my third cause they said they wanted to keep me so now I'm just waiting for training to start YEAH YEAH YEAH RIGHT? well all is said now I don't know how Ill do it but I gotta do this for my kids so that they can have a good life...hours suck pay good and well lets just say I'm gonna be one tired person!!!!! LOL! Oh and within a year I should advance pretty well so I'm happy!!
Well Ill post the pics and than go finish my laundry and eat my frozen dinner...Cause i can!!! oh and it sucks I swear they all eat better than I do...chicken and dumplings and I get frozen crap see what us moms sacrifice I want a nice big steak or lobster damn Ill even settle right now for a whopper!!!!

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