Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yeah I forgot tomention IM sick that head stuffed head pounding nose sniffling headache please give me some damn antibiotics quick before I call in the troops to wrangle up my kids ship them anywhere before I lose my head(hold on ) sniffle sneeze yes that was a sneeze and cough, and no damnit I want some lemon rice soup from Johnels and I want a nice frappacino from starbucks and UMMMMMMMM??????????? some kleenex and Id be fine K? thats not to much to ask for is it NONONO!!! so some one please bring it Ill be the pittiful one sitting there on the new uncomfortable couch sneezing lookin like rudolf the red nose reindeer and thanking you with a kid u can take home with ya any takers out there????
LOVE and kisses to yall oh and I hope in my pittiful post Venessa u read this and u send me some pics already!!!!!! talk to ya soon


venessa said...

hey amy I wished it snowed out here I have really bad allegies yesterday and today because of the wind and god it hurts I feel lie someone is crushing my skull!!! I was going to start my diet today but my grandma is bringing White Castles!!!! hip hip Hooray!!!

mommietofour said...

AWWWWW!!!thats so nice White Castle the chicken rings rock!!
I wonder if its my allergies too?
I wish i was there and I want to get motivated to start my diet soon too!!

venessa said...

Well I've discoved a new thing GRILLING!!!! I love to marinate chicken and grill it it is so good I've been eating lots of chicken this past week. It is so much better then the FOREMAN GRILL. The Foreman grill dries the chicken out..