Friday, March 16, 2007

So nice when they are sleepin:o)

Im so ready for the summer Im so tired of the cold weather at least in the summer I can send the kids out to play and not have to clean up after them ALL day long, and all night long.

Im in a horrible mood right now I feel like such a mess Im tired and there is just so much to do.......Oh its not just cause of me trying to lose weight and a bunch of shit is on my mind lately and I think I take it out on eveyone around me and Im sorry for that but I dont know what else to do I know if my lazy ass would get up and exercise and not just fall asleep at night I would lose the weight and if instead of cleaning up after the kids I had them do some of the work I would feel better but I guess Im taking the easy way out and thats whats fucked up about everything I never EVER was this way I was always the one who worked hard and now IDK??

Well Ill update more l8tr!!

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